I'm old, and I'm ok with that.

So, I'm old.
I'm getting older, I cannot change that.
When i was looking at all the young 20 something yogis on IG it made me long for my youth.

That among other things led me to erase all my social media.....except twitter cause hey "Potus".

I am doing my own yoga at my own pace and I'm realizing that's ok.

I do wish I had found this lifestyle many years ago....but I am grateful to have found it now.

Even though my heart twinges a lil for a young body and body elasticity.....I was truly inspired by the yogis I followed.

I work everyday to improve my poses my balance and my mind.

The headstand is my favorite pose so far! !!

I have been alone a year. And I have worked on me.
Being calm...breathing thru the hard shit.
But the hardest shit to accept is my age.

On IG I also followed tattoo places and  plastic surgeons....and eyelash companies. 

They seemed so important to people. ..and they are so young doing this to themselves.

I saw collagen lips and gorgeous eyelashes and brows (which have always been the bane of my existence)

And I think.....it does not matter.....

does it?

The vain side of me wants to fix all my flaws....throw money at all my imperfections.
But doesn't that really defeat the purpose of this inner journey I'm on?

I mean yes it's fine to worry about your appearance....but for me....(who is vain),
Is it not better to just let go and age gracefully?

I don't want to put on lashes or nails or get collagen but i would. ..in the past I would've jumped all over that.....now I barely look in the mirror...it just doesn't  matter anymore.....I am what I am.

I have to dye my hair black...because I am pure grey....but that's not even vanity...that's just maintenance.....

And I wear eyeliner and mascara but that's nothing like collagen or botox. .( botulism. ..omg)

Do I want maintenance on lashes falling out and collagen losing its potency.

NO, I guess I don't.

I guess the bottom line is I have seen many women much younger than me....and they do it all...

I have lived my entire life superficial and vain.

I want to live the remainder of it focused and healthy.

So this post is two fold...

Firstly accept your age gracefully..

And second get off social media......

This is a hard feat to accomplish. ...it's so addictive but it's so much better for you!!!

I've been off almost 3 months of everything.....and it took some adjusting

But I'm never going back.

Oh three fold cause this helped too....

I also dropped my truth seeking research and am just living. ( I'm not wasting another minute trying to figure out this world.....it is what it is).

Living.....life..observing..feeling..remembering. ....healing....writing...reading. ...art....i think I'm adjusting pretty well.

This is litetally the first time in my life I'm ok with the being single.....it is a weird feeling for sure.

So I guess if I wanted to fix my biggest imperfection it would be my neck .....and I have the best idea....it covered my veins on my leg.....

a tattoo....

This pic is my non surgical fix to what I consider the most noticeable signs of my age......and I only want it black and grey. ....maybe I'll put a Kijiji ad up....see what happens!

Probably cost a bit from under the chin to my arch but imma do It as soon as I can....

It's not fake....it's not surgery!

I love tattoos!!!