3 Rune readings

First picture is the rune drawing.

The second is the explanation of the spread.

The rest is my explanation of the reading.

Law of attraction spread.

1. Nauthiz. ......so your vibration is resisting, you feel you attract misfortune.

2. Hagalaz. .....you need to be more open to change, break free of old habits, rely on your inner strength.

3. Mannaz. ....be truly present, more real with yourself. Your self-esteem will come from really "knowing yourself". 

4. Gebo. ....there is a new partnership on the horizon, you should jump right in / or if you are in one now is the time to change that.

5. Kano. .....you need clarity, be creative, do something that feeds your passion.

6. Berkana. .....this could be the start of something, work on your personal growth, let go of resistance. Be clear and controlled, patient, fair and generous. This is how you will grow.

When you feel something is missing.

1. Wunjo.  Joy is missing from your life. ( But many mistake this feeling with lack of money)

2.  Eihwaz.  You are in a waiting phase.  You need to take the right actions right now to attract the good you want.

3. Laguz.  You are resisting the flow of life. Stop fighting it. Let go.

4. Ansuz. (Reversed)  ypu need to learn how to communicate what it is you want more clearly. Maybe like many people you aren't even sure what you perceive you are missing?

5. Fehu. (Reversed)  Put yourself out there more. Take part in community events. You'll find what you are missing. It may be a new love or a new fun way to make money.

The Empath spread.

1. Kano.  Clear yourself with tending to your own needs first. Your needs take precedence right now. Pursue creative endeavors.

2. Daggaz.  Protect yourself by evolving. Roll with the punches, go with the flow.

3. ODIN. ( blank rune)  Your heart is the great unknown. Maybe you are choosing between many options. Maybe the choices are out of your control. But this is undiluted potential. Ypu can do anything you want to right now.

4. Hagalaz.  What is affecting you may be losses in your life. It may be situational or it may be a specific person. It's also entirely possible you are causing your own turmoil.

5. Ehwaz.  Moving forward is what this rune means. It also means actual travel. And loyalty and trust are brought up with this rune. Maybe you need to be more loyal and trustworthy or maybe you are too loyal and trusting of someone who does not deserve it.

6. Sowelu.  To ground yourself you must remember " you are striving to become, in actuality, what you already are". You need a recharge, right down to the cellular level. You lack balance right now.