Meditation art

These are 5 pictures I painted after a 90 minute solfeggio frequencies meditation I did ...
The red one is missing. It was dark and angry.
I assume they line up pretty well with my chakras.
My mind was swirling with so many ideas I was lucky to get these ones out as well as I did....

The yellow one symbolizes the feeling I had melting into the ground...light filling me and me projecting light.
The bluish purple one represent my throat and all the things I need to say.
The green one symbolizes my heart.....and all my passions.
The blue one is my head cracking open and the being connected to everyone and everything by these light beams separated by these white dots. It was a crazy vision I could not have possibly painted like I saw.
And the black one is the universe within and the universe outside....and tiny white lines eminate from the body like waves.