Mom's day dinner was a blast

I only have one pic from dinner of my root beer beer!!!
( I don't have a phone number and I'm not on social media anymore so I really don't care or remember to take it out ... lol so phone is just a camera now!!)

But let me tell ya ....Beer that tastes like pop.....I can get on board with that haha!

After a lovely dinner at the wonderful restaurant down the road *Fishermans Pub I think?  We went for our first walk thru the neighborhood and along the pier....that I have pictures from lol!

I have had my ups and downs here in the hammer.....but I love it.....I wanted to move here for over 10 yrs.....and I've been here 3 now this's been a huge adjustment but I really want to make it my home...

I love our giant house by the pier....I love our massive yard ( I am only partially done weeding etc bc the weather keeps getting rainy and honestly I keep hurting myself with weed wacker and lawnmowers etc!!!)

(Broke my toe the other day moving kids giant headboard but that's just another in a long list of injuries the last few weeks haha!!)

Selling all my antiques and vintage stuff....making my runes in my kick ass woodworking is good...

Not caring about or looking for a relationship for the first time in my life is also truly different and amazing....