Rune Readings (variety of spreads)

I have taken up studying my runes fiercely.....
I have my own personal set that no one touches ever.  (Last pic)
And I have made a set to do clients' readings with specifically.
This set is pictured here and it has a great aura about it.

Clients will still only hold the bag they are in....never touching them themselves, and I will cleanse them between readings.

I am studying to become proficient in the dragon reading. It consists of pulling 10 runes and seems to have a nice flow for modern day my opinion.

I have learned of many.....and wish to perfect a few.....but the dragon is the one i am most excited about.
Being a more intense reading I'm thinking $25 is a good price.....In addition i will take a pic of the spread and email it to you with its discussed applications to your life.

I think this is a great deal because you get the reading in person and the take away to later consult!